I just said I wasn't.

By: Waldorf

But that wasn't the only incident.  And there's all kinds of other documented evidence to suggest Meyer brings all kinds of baggage, and where there's smoke there's fire. 

I agree with Harvey Hyde, it's impossible for the coach to police his team 24/7 and keep tabs on every player in his program.  So, it's understandable that at a high-level FBS program, there are going to be kids arrested from time to time.  But 25 players arrested in five years at Florida?  31 arrests?  And then another 8 arrests at Florida State?  C'mon, don't tell me that's just bad luck. 

And regardless of what guys say, he royally fucked up this assistant coach thing at OSU.  If any other coach at any other program had done the same thing, a coach NOT being considered for USC, you'd be saying the exact same thing.  

Folt and many others at USC, including their new AD, are talking a lot about integrity, particularly in the wake of all the scandals at USC, which are indicative of a university in disarray.  If USC does hire Meyer, and it looks like they will, then their true colors will forever be splashed about for everyone to see.  There will be no doubt that there is NOTHING more important at USC than football.  Nothing.  

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