USC vs ASU predictions?

By: NYTrojan

Not looking for score predictions.  Those are silly.  How do you think the game is going to go?  The team quite clearly quit on Helton in the 2nd half of last week's game.  They also hear the same things we do... there's no way they aren't looking forward to their next coach.  

Add to that Helton is miserable on the road.  How bad is he on the road?  Glad you asked.

Clay Helton hasn't won a road game against an opponent with a .500 or better record since October 2017.  It's been more than 2 years.  He's never done it without Sam Darnold.  That opponent:  Arizona State who finished the year 7-6.  

Since that time he is 0-6 on the road against .500 or better teams.  

That said, ASU is without their starting QB and is coming off two embarassing losses in a row (both on the road).  They lost to Colorado at home.  They aren't good.  

I think the quit factor takes over here.  If USC out talents them from the word go we'll be fine.  But if ASU ever ever takes a lead we're done.  This team is looking to fold.  

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