Uh no....not alike at all

By: Old Hickory Trojan

and not even like the assistant coach none of you had problems with that actually witnessed a rape and ignored ...you remember Bradley don't you...you guys had no problem defending him an actual witness to a crime for not reporting it...thought I would remind you...now Urban...his wif knew and told him about it , they tried to help the couple with counciling,,,,when the wife accursed thw coach of battery Urban reported it (it was a he said she said) the cops investigated and never charged the coachand the wife refused to get a restraing order...Meyer never witnessed any of this  so he reported it where he was supposed to based upon the fact he and his wife recognized that the marriage was in troulbe and their friends needed help...now twwist that around again....

By the way Sandusky was coming on campus and Paterno kew it whe he was banned from campus for the behavior and when he had two witnesses of a rape on campus...both coches...he failed to do anything more then report it to the administration...like I said not even cllose .....especially since he wasn't supposed to be their and he had witnesses fro two coaches...tell me again thats the same as Meyers situation...since their was no crime committed or witnessed versus an actual crime and multiple witnesses

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