The real decision will be made

By: Rodeoduck

by two people, SC Athletic Director Bohn and SC President Dr. Folt. If they decide to hire Meyer, then he will coach at USC, if they don't want to hire Meyer, then he will not be coaching at USC.

Those two are the ones you need to convince to hire Meyer.

If I was a Trojan, I would want Meyer hired as soon as possible. Every day of delay just increases the chances that someone else may hire Meyer. First come, first served, The Early Bird gets the worm, and all that.

My main commentary is that some, not all, Trojans regard SC as a Camelot that is morally superior to the rest of the common rabble. Just admit that like the rest of us, you want to follow a winning team, that with Meyer and all his flaws, there is an excellent chance to restore winning excellence to Trojan football.

But then Urban Meyer will be your Wooden, your Phil Knight. Just be willing to look the other way at times and Trojan Football will join teams like Alabama, LSU, Ohio State, etc. In competing for, and winning National Championships.But Troy will win the championships because as Coach, Urban Meyer will do what it takes to get the best players, assistant coaches, to be part of the Trojan program. This will be for you Trojans to enjoy, even though you personally will have not done anything for this. The Trojans will win again because under Meyer you will have the best coaches and players. It will have nothing to do with your being good Republicans. 


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