I think the Rah Rah's are done.

By: NYTrojan

You see USC66 around?  I sure don't.  

Even the Rah Rahs know that Helton sucks and is done.  The most you're going to get out of them anymore is weaksauce like 66's "I don't see why you care, he'll be gone or he won't based on how he does" and "It's just a loss, we've had others"

The kind of thing someone who isn't a fan of football but IS a fan of tailgates says.  They don't care if the team is good or if it loses.  They just want to party without those of us who actually care harshing their mellow.

But even THOSE folks know Helton is gone.  They don't particularly care that he's gone, but they know it.


I would like to hear from "He won a Rose Bowl and is therefor a good coach" Java though.

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