He doesn't care

By: NYTrojan

That's the takeaway everybody should have about USC66.  He doesn't care.  Not really.  If we win, hey great.  If we lose, hey that's fine too.  Fire a coach?  Okay sure.  Keep a shitty coach, that's fine too.  All he really wants is for us to stop saying anything mean.

He doesn't care if USC wins games.  We could never win another NC and he'd be fine with that.  Because competition isn't what he's about.  That's not what matters.  Winning isn't what matters.  The only thing important to USC66 is that there will be another game next week because that's another opportunity to eat some 7 layer dip and see the pretty colors.  The game doesn't have to be good and USC doesn't have to win for him to watch the colors flash.

Losing doesn't impact him in any way.  The only thing that does?  General negativity about the program.  When WE are upset about losing THAT dampens the experience.  He doesn't REALLY think the coach is good.  He thinks that it doesn't matter.  There'll be another game tomorrow.  And he wishes it wouldn't matter to us too.  So he could go on stuffing 7 layer dip into his face and enjoy the happy feelings. 

He want's to SAY "Fight on" but he doesn't care what that actually means.  It's just fun to shout.  

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