Do you think Helton

By: the909trojan

is a better coach than CP? Straight up. Personally I don't and neither do most of the pundits.


I don't remember making excuses for CP - and I said it was Helton's best win and to be commended. I think he outcoached CP that night and to me from a purely coaching perspective it was a better win than the rose bowl. If Helton can show more of those wins he will win me over. But the bama shit show, the ohio state dud and losing to nd whenever they actually have a pulse all happened. He lost the team last year in a bad way to end the season, which isn't good. However much darnold is struggling in the pros, Helton has struggled to win since he left. Don't confuse me with the crowd who hate every move he makes and will never root for him. I just can't get overly excited about this little run to end the season when I look at the level of competition. I'm alwasys happy to win and will never root for a loss to get a coach fired. Ever. But for every utah win there is at least one byu loss. I don't see the discipline, I don't see the physicality in practice, I don't see the attention to details, and I see too much loyalty to coaches who aren't qualified. i.e. uncle neil, tee martin, clancy etc. He would impress me more if he - on his own - went and fired Clancy. 

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