Splashiness in recruiting?

By: Waldorf

I guess I can see that.  But USC needs a coach more than they need a recruiter.  Acquiring talent has NEVER been the problem at USC...UNTIL the coach starts to suck ass, like in the case of Gomer.  If USC hired virtually ANY coach to replace Gomer, recruiting would surge bigtime. 

By the way, regarding UCLA, we DID do better in hiring Chip, and that was slashy as hell.  How was anyone supposed to know he went full retard?  

I think splashiness is getting pretty overrated.  Look at that fucktard at Texas, Herman.  Hermann?  Whatever.  He's sucking deek.  And Frost and Chip are crashing and burning.  And Special Ed is killing it at LSU, and who the fuck coulda predicated that?

No, give me a guy who can coach and wants to recruit.  Fuck splashiness.  

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