Fickell is an interesting candidate

By: the909trojan

He's 8-3 vs top 25 teams the last two years at Cincy, but his interim stint at Ohio St didn't go well at all. The year prior they won 11 games and the next year 12. Arky is making a big push now for him so that will be interesting.


As for recruiting, IMHO we have used recruiting as an excuse too often. Aside from the obvious "getting USC", I think Kiff & Sark were hired to recruit. And we all know the players - including Cravens who then split a year early - lobbied for Helton. It's time now to focus on an actual good coach. When SC shows that it can win, the recruiting advantage kicks in and the clases will get better. I'd rather take a hit on recruiting this year if it means getting a good coach. My $.02

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