what up lexo

By: Art_Vandalay

you are my favorite donkey i must say, you keep coming back...  coming back... As a black dude, I'm curious why you think you vote left?  


what is is about the left you like?  Black people are getting informed and realizing when LBJ said, "We will have those Naggers voting for us for the next 200 years" referring to sprinkling crumbs / walfare / foodstamps to blacks you will keep voting.  It's not been 200 years yet but the black people, the smart ones, are waking up.

Sheeeet, Obama let Blacks that happned to get caught puffing some week in prison for 8 years.  Trump came in, got the poor grandma black lady out of jail on a pardon when he heard the issue.  Then he passed criminal reform or whatever.... let another bunch of blacks out of jail. 

Trump has pumped billions into inner cities...  What is it about the left that has you liking them?  You are going to see how corrupt they are.  The Hunters become the Hunted.  Real facts, real corruption coming out baby.  Join the Fight against fake news and filthy donkeys.  

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