Important detail is bogus

By: considerthis

Feldman states that administration is impressed by a team that did not quit.  Why would the administration expect that the team had quit on its coach?  Why should the players quit on the coaching staff?  They want to play.  Many were getting a lot of playing time for the first time.  They want to win and go to a bowl game.  They want the pro money.

I did not see a lot of improvement by players on defense that needed to improve.  Players that were unknowns or were already playing well just continued that play.  Defensive players that needed improvement did not show muchs improvement.  Bad penalties.  This shows either poor coaching or players that are unwilling or unable to follow instructions or both.  Players that have bought in and are fighting hard should know that following game plan is critical to success.  Against Oregon, the defense played like it had quit or the result was certainly the same as if it had quit.

When a writer focuses on something that is just a cliche and there is no evidence of a clear relevant fact such as the administration believes Helton can win a national championship or at least get SC into the playoffs, it means the writer does not have the hard facts to support the writer's premise such as the administration is leaning to keep Helton.

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