Bruins took one for the Pac

By: Rodeoduck

It seems that the Trojans 52 to 35 win over the Bruins was enough to get the SC Administration to keep Coach Helton. Coach Helton was able to

"Row the Boat Ashore" and win all the Pac 12 games after the debacle with the Ducks.

Thank you from your Pac 11 (all but SC) brethren for taking a 17 point loss for the team.

Urban Meyer would have made the Trojans into another Ohio State or LSU, out of reach of the other Pac 12ers. Now there is a chance for the other Pac 12ers

To win the Pac 12 title.

Faith, Family, Football for all the Pac 12.

Who would have thought that beating UCLA would be enough to satisfy Troyland, it used to be that their expectations were beyond beating a so-so rival..


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