A couple of things re: Bohner

By: brewgene

1) Did anyone else take note of his “listen and learn” comments during his introductory presser, and wonder what he meant by that? At the time, I thought I was probably over analyzing his remarks. Now, I’m not so sure. Bohner, SC doesn’t need you to listen and learn on the job, Dough has already been trying to do that for way too long. No, what SC needs you to do is kick ass and take names from Day 1. You weren’t hired to come here and learn, you were hired to act like a real AD. As of today, Dough still has a job. Since the rest of the college football universe finished their regular seasons Saturday, how many other universities have already acted on their coaching situations? You might still be an instant hero if you can pull off UM, but as of now the natives are growing restless. 2) The national media reports that the administration was considering keeping Dough (the “test balloon” strategy) are extremely concerning. What did Bohner think he was being brought in to do? Either he’s extremely tone deaf as to the current state of affairs, or he’s being pressured by the old guard within HH that is trying desperately to hang on to their jobs. I suppose only time will tell.
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