Folt signed off thats what most

By: Conquest2000

important and like whats been previously posted it's all about a $$$ value for what Meyer wants and what Helton is gonna walk away with.  Also true of other stuff reported about the old guard still in place in the athletic dept don't want to pony up for the support staff now necessary to run a $100 million dollar organization.   

Those old guards are most likely gonna get shit canned if they don't get with the program.  Bohn understands as do the people he has brought over, Folt and the compliance people also realize the support staff are necessary.  And they are talking about professional staff not interns or student helpers.  Adults being paid with experience tp make sure nothing falls through the cracks.  Staff for recruiting, academic support, marketing, compliance, S&C, medical staff overhaul.  Alot of people with lots of years are going to be let go or offered early retirement.  A complete turnover, brought in by Folt, Bohn and Meyer.  Tino, Greg and the Hammer in equipment better stay.  

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