Geez...I have a life

By: mandb

That doesn't include hanging out on a messsage board all day.

I had appointments all day andf just got home but I did have to scroll through some of the posts from our WW trolls first (Fraud, TEE, and a surprizing newcomer to insecure trolling: maxduck). Not unexpected from them, Stupid but pretty funny stuff anyway!

My phone blew up just before 11:00 am and thought it was some 'fake news'.

Surprized but not shocked. Husky fans knew Petersen wasn't going to be another lifer coach like Saban, Bill Snyder or Dennis Erickson, but thought he wouldn't leave for at least 3 -5 years (when he turned 60). He is a private and family man.

I wasn't being a Petersen honk (like you were climbing into Helfrich and Taggart's jockstrap), but just happy he was our coach.

Why now? We think he was getting tired of the grind and with the possibility of 'players getting paid' on the board, he just wasn't interested in that sort of thing.

I always have caution when promoting a coordinator to HC, but at least he is a defensive coach. It will be interesting on what he does with the current staff. Most of the D staff will be retained but the offensive staff will be blown up (no arguments from many Husky fans). Initial reports from current players and commited recuits are very positive. 

No, I don't think Petersen will coach for a P5 program again., if at all.


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