Hermann’s year at UT was a big surprise to me

By: PasadenaTrojan

And does substantiate the argument be very careful going for the Johnny Come lately new hot commodity Coach. He has resources, a very good JR QB (35 total TDs, 4000 total yards),good RBs, good WRers, strong recruiting territory, brand name. I believe they are 7-5. No big losses tho. I will double Check. All losses under 10-14 points I would guess. Very tough conference (way tougher than Pac for sure). Lost some talent from Last year. Having LSU as an OOC opponent was brutal. Great game. Burreaux’s coming out party. Tough game. Competitive. But still a loss. OU was another loss against a high quality opponent. Baylor as well. I would say this. Their worst loss was Iowa State who could beat USC 5 out of 10 games. If this UT team played in Pac and didn’t play LSU or OU they could be in playoffs. Just perspective. Defensively they couldn’t get guys off field. USC and Utla fans know that issue all too well.
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