Negotiations at this point are all about

By: Conquest2000

Staff and commitment to the program by the athletic dept with regards to support staff. Look for other current athletic dept staff to be let go, offered early retirement or reassigned within the AD. Bohn not happy with the job Tessalone is doing. Nor is he happy with the South Bay PR offensive leaked to Feldman, Abraham, Cowherd and Thamel all who posted, and tweeted stories about keeping Helton. This wasn’t done by Helton but by people who think their future at usc is tied to Helton (Lopes, Tessalone, Orr and others). Helton has actually been an adult in all of this. He has to earn some respect for that. Still a shitty coach. If Helton goes DJ and Bryce are said to be back in play. I don’t see that however, DJ is a big time JC/Bible guy and he loves Dabo a fellowship and former athletes in action guy at Bama.
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