USC is a mess...

By: Old Hickory Trojan

If USC wants to fire Helton.... do it.....with Helton going about his duties well knowing a dagger is sitting above his head makes USC very bad IMHO....they already have to justify the 8-4 firing but now making Helton look even more sympathetic is just plain dumb....some conjecture is USC feels it has to have a coach in place before they fire the existing one...thats stupid as well...others think Folt is asking the new AD to have a plan A,B,C,  and D before she lets him fire Helton...if thats true it's more stupidity....lastly there appears to be a strong rejection of the new AD by the higher ups in the athetic department who appear to be doing everythng they can to stop this from happening...those folks should have been the new AD's firsr them....again this is just an opinion FWIW

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