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By: BuddyJ

bottom line is that:

1.  Subject to regional variations various water agenies are to start imposing daily water usage limitations;

2.  In 2023 it is 55 gallons per person per day and that decreases to 50 gallons per person per day;

3.  The state has the right to impose $1,000.00 per day on users who exceed those numbers (in the absence of the local water agencies finding a basis for lower or higher usage) and during "emergercy situations" up to $10,000 per day.

4.  WITHOUT doubt by 2023 you will be limited to a fixed amount of water usage per day (which I assume would be looked at monthly and averaged over the monthly bill);

5.  Where I was wrong was that it applies to domestic use only and does not appear to apply to landscaping / exterior which will be required to be dealt with by agencies again based on region, climate and geographical conditions.

6.  The bureaucracy will write in the limits and rules are regulations as this law authorizes and directs them to do.


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