Nice use of Oregon as a case study

By: LA Duck

But....the reality is it won't take all that much for USC to return to its Top 10 recruiting roots.


A) Helton and USC will be in the discussion next year for the playoffs


B) Helton will be fired next year

It's very simple to this quack of limited education thanks to the good ol' University of Oregon.

"Roone" makes it sound like a death knell....really, what you Trojans are going through is just a cyrogenic situation and waiting for the thaw.

You cardinal & gold turkeys will be back soon enough, fighting on with that V finger thingy, Traveller, girls in tight-ass sweaters & all...

(BTW if you REALLY want to be sour about something, try being a fan of Wisconsin where they hands down have the fugliest cheerleaders in the world...ugh...not good...)

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