I didn’t hate Helton

By: Cdctrojanfan

I do now, though, because I know he doesn’t believe he can meet the SC standard of competing for national championships, even though he publicly acknowledges that he accepts the responsibility to meet that standard. He’s a liar. He would rather take his 3 million dollar paycheck even though he knows he will never be consistently competing for NC’s. Is that integrity? Helton will not think twice about totally running this program into the ground as long as he can continue to collect his paycheck. Helton has no integrity. And what about you, defending this clown? You say Helton has been as successful as the other SC coaches between 1980-2000. So what about all those coaches? They were all fired because they didn’t meet the SC standard. If they were fired, why shouldn’t Helton, especially since he, himself, acknowledges that the standard is more than winning an occasional Rose Bowl. The more people like you who accept this type of mediocrity play and results, the sooner SC will lower the expectation to a standard of mediocrity. 8 win seasons with an occasional 10 win season will be the standard - it will be acceptable. It’s a losers mentality. No reason SC should expect less. I don’t understand how any die hard Trojan, which I know you are, would accept this shot show. It’s obvious to anyone that Helton is not a good coach. You know it, we all know it. Even worse the recruits and their coaches and parents know it, which is especially damning to the future of the program.
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