I wrote I Didnt Hate Helton

By: Cdctrojanfan

And I didn’t until this past season and the continued excuse making andNS he spews thinking the SC fan base must be as dumb as the SC administration. I only hate him now because I know he’s being dishonest with us, but not himself. He knows he’s not capable, but he’s hoping he can keep collecting a paycheck until the SC administration figures it out that he’s incompetent. A close family member told me directly that Helton doesn’t believe he can meet the standard he agreed to meet as the coach. This relative said that however long it takes SC to realize what Helton already knows, he will be a wealthy man who will never have to work again. Again, this man has no integrity because he continues to collect a paycheck to meet a standard he not only hasn’t reached but has no belief he can reach it
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