Not true....they were notified within 48 hours

By: Old Hickory Trojan

which is legally all that is required and Trump wouldn't need to do any of this if Obama had a foreign policy that removed terrorists from the area and the Democrats were trustworthy of keeping his plan quiet which time and time again they have proven not to be. instead of giving under the table millions of US dollars to the terrorists, allowing the Muslim Brotherhood too rise, allowing sysria to be demolished which allowed more torrorists in the area, allowing the rise of Isis....Obama did more for the terrorist state then anyone and Trump is now having to straighten out that mess....and the Nuke deal was a farce....Iran hasn't changed...they still plan on becoming a nuclear power in the region and with those fnatics that means something...appeasement which was Obama's policy has never woked with nut cases like the iranian leadership...history tells us that approach is always a failure..

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