Laughlin and Mossimo are taking the Feds

By: Conquest2000

To Trial and it will expose usc admission policies. It very well could end up with usc throwing Haden to the feds. The crux of the fed’s case is against USC admissions, but all the fraud happened with athletics and many legal experts are saying usc will not hesitate to throw Haden under the bus to keep the feds out of the particulars of USC’s admission process. Stanford, UCLA and Yale are going to do the same. Whom ever gets to trial first will lay a blueprint for the others. The big thing for Laughlin and Mossimo is that their daughters were admitted before any checks were cut and checks were cut to USC and not Sanger or Heidel. So then how did Sanger and Heidel get the funds???? Did Haden hire them? Cut them checks? Questions the feds are asking but answers the universities at this point are stonewalling or flat out refusing to give to the Feds. This has Stanford in a big pickle, more than USC. These are huge developments. USC is trying to distance itself from this big time painting it as an athletic dept operation. Also helping Laughlin and Mossimo is that a fed judge ruled there were no victims in prior cases that were pled out. Best case is that Laughlin Mossimo case is thrown out because of that fact but unlikely. 80% Haden takes the fall here, and Orr goes with him, unless he has a great answer on how monthly payments of $20k landed in Sanger and Heidel’s bank accounts. Same fate awaits people at UCLA, Stanford, Yale, and Harvard. From what I have read and have been told Usc and Stanford are the only schools that had athletic dept admins who were involved. All schools had coaches but USC and Stanford had C suites. UCLA had an Associate AD which doesn’t lead directly to the top. Haden and Orr were dumb enough to post a YouTube video discussing their fund raising strategy and they point to this exact situation (Laughlin/Mossimo) they say it was a university directive. Usc disputes this. FYI the video was submitted as evidence in the pre trial.
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