A myriad of falsehoods and errors

By: malapert

in your post--the post of a negative person with an axe to grind

to name a few

A) the scandal, and basis of the conspiracy money went to singer  to execute the fraudulent submissions(not Sanger)

B) the crux of the case is not " is against USC admissions"  but instead the intenional falsification of documents, emails, and submissions to the university, amking the university the victim. Staff and the parents colluded to defraud and take advantage of a system designed to help athletics.

C) your shot at SC amdissions policy is pure crap. Sc admits athletes with a broader allowance for standards than others. This is neither unusual or illicit. 

D) SC opend its books, records and made staff available to the feds, your suggestion that "Questions the feds are asking but answers the universities at this point are stonewalling or flat out refusing to give to the Feds"is flat out bullshit.

E) Fundraising  directly through donations from parents directly to the university is not illegal or unsual. Your comment "Haden and Orr were dumb enough to post a YouTube video discussing their fund raising strategy and they point to this exact situation"   points to getting legitimate donr money not diversion of money to Newport beach scumbags nor fraudster staff members like Heidel. Im sure lawyers will try to make admitting students whose parents made donations look bad, but its not unusual. These parents in many cases, didnt want the expensive front door donations so ran to the backdoor. Only one parent did both; that parent gave singer a $200,000 bribe to jam their kid in the backdoor and later gave usc $50,000.

Hadens issue here is shitty supervision. He is known to have sent some people to Heidel for development and then they got pulled over ot Singer et al, while he did nothing. I dont know of any Orr involvement.

So your post is crap, your attack on Haden error ridden but understandable, and is generally a smear agains the university based on vague falsehoods, intentional mistatements involving a lack of character from you coupled with blind hatred towards Haden.

Hate Haden but get your facts straighte, okke dokee ! Your post is just a glopped upnecho of Weinberg's faulty defense strategy for Zangrillo--its all PR and nuthin else.

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