Dont be obtuse

By: malapert

The trials were a sham. Its itme ot goet over it for the Germans and mvoe forward.

The trials have been heavily criticized by many people including

jurists. The main American prosecutor was United States Supreme

Court Associate Justice Robert H. Jackson but that did not restrain a

fellow justice, William 0. Douglas, from calling the trials

unprincipled. “Law was created ex post facto to suit the passion and

clamor of the time,” he said. Chief Justice Harlan S. Stone wrote:

“Jackson is away conducting his high-grade lynching party in

Nuremberg. I don’t mind what he does to the Nazis, but I hate to seethe pretense that he is running a court and proceeding according to common law. This is a little too sanctimonious a fraud to meet my

old-fashioned ideas.” Even British Field Marshal Montgomery

weighted in saying that the trials “have made the waging of

unsuccessful war a crime, for which the generals of the defeated side would betried and then hanged.”


The most fundamental problem with the Nuremberg trials was that

they were conducted in accordance with the common law of Great

Britain, the United States, and other English-speaking countries, a

system of law that is alien to the peoples of continental Europe wherewhat is commonly known as a “kangaroo court” in that the

proceedings were conducted for the sole purpose of bringing about

convictions. The defense argued that i) the Tribunal lacked

jurisdiction and could not be fair and impartial in the way it was

constituted, i i ) common law concepts such conspiracy had no basis inJapanese, european or international law, i i i ) retroactively applying “law” thatdid not exist when the supposed crimes were committed was contraryto international law, iv) negative criminality (not stopping criminalconduct) was contrary to international law, and v) preventing thedefense from introducing evidence of Allied culpability for war crimes and breaches of international law was contrary to commonlyaccepted concepts of justice.

"The Nuremberg Trials have made the waging of an unsuccessful war a crime; the generals on the defeated side were tried and then hanged." - Field Marshal Bernard L. Montgomery. June 9th 1948

"The truth of the matter is that not one of the victors was free of the guilt which its judges attributed to the vanquished." - The Chicago Tribune, October 2nd 1946

"In my Judgment, the procedure by which the Nuremberg Tribunal was created and the criminals trials thereunder conducted, was completely fraught with illegality." - William L. Hart, The Supreme Court of Ohio

"This kangaroo court at Nuremberg was officially known as the 'International Military Tribunal.' That name is a libel on the military profession. Nuremberg was, in fact, a lawyers' tribunal, although I can readily understand why the legal profession is ashamed to claim it, and deliberately stuck a false label on it.

"I am glad our real military men had nothing to do with the travesty on justice that the lawyers and 'statesmen' conducted on Nuremberg." - Rear Admiral Dan V. Gallery. U.S.N. (Ret.)

".. a libel on the military profession." - Vice Admiral Hewlett Thebaud, USN

"... a fantastic desecration of the ideals of Western Civilisation, and appalling miscarriage of justice... a misuse of evidence for vicious ends, all of which will someday be exposed as a shocking travesty of high legal and moral principles." - Henry M. Adams, Ph.D. Professor of History, University of California

In his book, Profiles in Courage, President John F. Kennedy praised Senator Robert A. Taft of Ohio, for having the courage to publicly denounce the Nuremberg Trials and reveal them to have been held in, "a spirit of vengeance, and vengeance is seldom justice. In these trials we have accepted the Russian idea of the purpose of trials - government policy and not justice - with little relation to Anglo-Saxon heritage."

"A step backward in international law." - Honorable Justice, Learned Hand

"A travesty of justice." - Admiral Harry E. Yarnell, U.S.N Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Asiatic Fleet

"...wholly unjustified and a disgrace to the national governments sanctioning it." - Rear Admiral Reginald R. Belknap, U.S.N. Atlantic Fleet

"Not in accordance with justice." - Hon. William Cosgrave, LL.D, President, Dail Eireann, 1922

"I could never accept the Nuremberg Trials as representing a fair and just procedure." - Dr. Igor I. Sikorsky, Aircraft Designer

"What we did in this case was to resort to private vengeance. Admiral Doenitz and other leaders who were imprisoned should be recompensed for their treatment." - - Dr. John L. Gillin, Emeritus Professor of Criminology, University of Wisconsin

"I have been boiling mad for years over the 'war crimes trials which I think were despicable and contemptible, and smack more of ancient Rome's barbarism than of a so-called civilized country. Not only were the 'war crimes trials' one of the blackest spots on our recent black (and Red) history, but the bombing of the only two Christian cities in Japan in August, 1945, via the atomic bomb calls to high heaven for retribution." - Taylor Caldwell, American novelist
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