Pat Haden the snob who fired Ed Orgeron

By: gotroy22

because he wasn't presentable to the LA Country Club Blue Hairs and instead  hired the Drunk Sark? Pat Haden the charity cheat? Pat Haden who gave us the $315 million  Haden's Folly? Pat Haden who hired the  dyke  criminal Heinel in the name of diversity? Pat Haden the SJW who allowed his personal feelings for his homosexual son to influence his job as USC AD and announce a boycott of  the state of Indiana?  Pat Haden who said USC must "win the right way"? Pat Haden the recluse hiding out while USC is dragged through the mud for Admissionsgate which happened on his watch and his alibi is he was too lazy stupid visionless and incompetent to notice that unqualified students were being placed on athletic teams to gain admission? That Pat Haden?

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