Interesting game -

By: Art_Vandalay

when you look at how much better SEC is than the other conferences and really the Big 10 as the 2 conference then look at what LSU did to all the top teams....... are they the best team ever?

They destroyed Clemson,  Oklahoma, Alabama (with Tua even without would be big), Georgia, Auburn, FLorida, Texas AM, and list goes on...  

Their OL and WR's are so good.  Reminds me a bit of USC back in the day... better players all the way around.  

My thought was all the pressure was on LSU, DABO a better coach, that might be enough for Clemson but man was I wrong.  Two different leagues.  LSU made Sunshine look like the boy he is.  Dude was missing guys all over.  In fairness, Sunshine had way less time to throw and his guys were mostly locked down but when they were open he'd overthrow his guys.  He almost got his best WR killed... dude was wide open.  

Hats off to LSU.  They were no joke.  Not sure how many guys on Clemson leave but the fact they get Trevor back makes them the odds on favorite... ESPN saying Bama will take it home next year.  we will see.   SEC will beat each other up and Clemson or Ohio St will take it down.  


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