By: Art_Vandalay

i think both QB's will do well in NFL.  I would lean Trevor will have best career... If Trevor had same work ethic as Joe for sure...  Trevor is only 20 years old.  Crazy. The other dude is 32 or something already.  The only thing I worry about with a QB from a team like LSU is, damn that OL and WR's and RB is good.  It's so much easier to play that position when your better at every position.  With that said, Joe has been so good and makes good decisions so I think he'll do good.  I would take him 1 overall with my pick.  

LSU definately had best season of all time... no way to know for sure which team was the best of all time.  Remember ya'll said USC was best of all time, no questions then got beat by one man... hahah, Vince was amazing in that game and it turned out that dude is just a pile oh sheeeeeeet. 

Good times... USC, LSU, Bama, Auburn, Boise, Clemson, all teams that have been great to follow and watch.  Can't say the same for UCLA. 

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