I don't think the world understands....

By: LA Duck

...Oregon has never landed anything even close to a 5-star LBer before. Crazy.

And to land TWO of them in one class? Bonkers.

And with one of them being perhaps one of those once-a-decade kinda talent? Poppycock.

I'm sure many here will say let this play out, Flowe takes plays off, he's not really that good, overrated, etc.

The same was said by many on here about Kayvon Thibodeaux when he signed with Oregon....takes plays off, is a trouble-maker, glad we don't have him, yada yada yada.

I think based on how much Kayvon was raved about at a true frosh edge rusher at the end of the season, specifically in the p12 champ game and the rose bowl, we can say the future looks somewhat bright for him...and just sometimes talent does rise to the top?

We quacks just aren't used to it, THAT is for sure. 

We've landed exactly 11 5-star players since the beginning of the rating system (not including Kevin Willhite which is a long story for another day of the #1 recruit who picked podunky, football-anemic Oregon back in 1982).

And now 3 of them have come in the past 2 seasons.

Probably a lot of this has to do with USC currently. So it will be interesting if Oregon goes back to top 25 classes instead of top 12 once that happens....

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