Went to Atlantis

By: Conquest2000

It’s a waste. Too crowded. Food sucked. Like Disneyland lots of lines and waiting for sub standard experience. Weather was great and the kids loved it. So at least they enjoyed it. Then went to Grand Cayman to see a friend who moved there. It was nice I liked it a lot. A bit $$$ but very nice again the weather was great a bit windy. Water was great. Then to Jamaica, Royalton White Sands Montego Bay very nice I actually liked it a lot. Pay the little bit extra for Diamond club and you get some dining perks like a concierge to make all your reservations. We were there the week after most people had already gone back to school and work. Drinks were a little weak. As far as islands go, it goes Grand Cayman, Bahamas and Jamaica. Jamaica is a shit hole. There is a gang war going on in Montego Bay. Coming back from Dunn’s Falls in St Anne’s right on the road side, we saw a guy pull a gun on another guy. The guy was holding a 38 to the guy‘s face not being Discreet. The guy being held up was waving at our little van but we just sat at the stoplight and watched and when the light turned green we pulled away. I assume he killed the guy after we drove off.
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