Sources: Oregon lands MOORHEAD for OC!

By: LA Duck

Again, what guy doesn't want Moorhead? :-)

Wow, if true many consider this a slam-dunk hire by Cristobal!

We need a stellar offense for a team that might have one of the better defeneses in the p12 and nation with 4 starting juniors returning for their senior season.

And Joe Moorhead might just give us that.

He's known for turning around Penn State's offense.

Interestingly, Washington who also needed an OC, hired the guy Franklin fired as OC, and Oregon hired the guy Franklin hired--and that turned around Penn State's offense.

Who knows what will happen with our offense, but at least this gives us quacks hope at this point. Moorhead won't stay in Eugene long, but hopefully long enough for Oregon to again be known for offense rather than have to make excuses why it's so mediocre.

Mario watched the game last night with the team rather than go to the coaches convention...he probably realized that his offense would need to change and progress PRONTO to be among the best in the nation. Hiring Joe gives it the best chance of doing so of all the candidates he was interviewing.

If Oregon can't some day win a championship under Cristobal, it won't ever be done....most likely...

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