Dabo and staff get a C for Coaching last night

By: PasadenaTrojan

Biggest mistake IMO. Tried to trade points with a prolific record setting offense who played in a tougher conference. Should’ve wanted to control clock and TOP. Very fast and strong RB. Very fast and strong QB. I said after last NC game that Sunshine had some critical luck last year. He sailed some throws In that game but his WRers bailed him out. He sails balls a lot. Remember his first 6 games this year? What’s wrong with Trevor discussions. He’s The kid in Bull durham. Long lanky and gets tangled up. Point is assuming he will make every outside corner route and other very high level of difficulty throws was USC Esque. Kid and offense fail apart. Sound familiar. He went Joe Kelly on them. Dabo didn’t adjust for shit. His counterpart came into game with 55 TDs. Why assume you can beat that???? Dumb.
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