Several explanations

By: BuddyJ

1.  The poor coaching hires by USC (3 mediocre or worse) hires;

2.  The huge change in demographics of California which is the main talent source for the Pac 12;

3.  The collpase of UCLA athletics

4.   The lack of a glamor school in the Pac 12 to replace USC and UCLA

5.  The giant mistake of rejecting Oklahoma and Oklahoma States desire to join the Pac 12

6.  Inbred poor talent in producing the Pac 12 Network

7.  Taking Utah and Colorado instead of Utah and BYU 

8.  Unusually bad coaching hires by the ADs in the Pac 12 (not all the schools) even though they were rich enough to hire the best

9.  Generally poor athletic directors in the Pac 12

10.  Because of 1-9 the increasing trend of California talent leaving the Pac 12 for the Big 10 and the SEC.


The Pac 12 NEES UCLA or USC to become a national power again. Oregon is rising.  Washinto rose.  But there has to be an LA team that generates national fame and respct.



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