A little excited are you to post such

By: Old Hickory Trojan

nonsense it seems. If USC took who it wanted the staff would look entirely different then the one being developed. For one Clay would have Joe Barry as his DC and would hav convinced Bohn to keep his DL Coach and DB Coach. Two Trojans have already spoken out on those fireings...Chris Steele and the recently signed DL from SJB. Keep it real and h9pe USC gets Williams to coach the DB's...that would be a big get. Martin is a nice fallback but Williams is a better catch IMHO...

As far as Christobal why should he watch his tongue? Based upon what he did at the Coly to USC and with his recruiting class and Rose Bowl...he's got plenty to talk about...wish it weren't so but a sinble hiring is not going to change that until USC proves it on the field of play IMHO

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