Oregon isn't for everyone...

By: LA Duck

Mario is about as demanding of a head coach as you can find from what we quacks have heard.

You wanna win? You gotta put in the hours as a coach there. Both coaching and recruiting.

It's not for everyone.

It's a grind.

And it's already paying dividends as shown by the top p12 classes these last two seasons, plus a conference champ and a rose bowl win.

But the collateral damage is coaches slinking away for less grinding pastures.

It's why we lost Cort Dennison to Louisville, along with others who just didn't like the time commit.

Also, Coach Williams has a baby on the way. To be able to be at home and recruit Southern California from your own virtual backyard without travel has many advantages. 

Sorry but the sales pitch at Oregon is alive and well....IF you wanna put in the work, that is...

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