Don't know where williams is going

By: Conquest2000

but his profile is gone from the 24/7 Site for Top 2020 recruiters, he was ranked #5 nationally.  You try to click on the 2020 players he brought in and the page was taken down already.  Though his Oregon coach profile is still up.   

One last thing he has not tweeted or retweeted since Jan 31st.  This is a guy who tweeted or retweeted something about Oregon Football recruiting almost every day.  Sometimes multiple tweets and retweets in a single day.

His last twitter activity was retweeting a scholly offer to Oregon for 2021 for a kid he is not even the lead recruiter on.  So that is telling.   He didn't even tweet a post morten on the 2020 Class, though 99.9% of Oregons work was already done so a tweet might have been rubbing it in, but when was the last time good recruiters didi't care about rubbing recruiting success in the faces of their rivals?  

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