I actually LOVE our lack of tradition

By: LA Duck

I've really enjoyed that Oregon has gone from being a nothing program (Bottom 10 as Steve Harvey used to consistently label us in the '70s/'80s) to one of the best in the nation (despite a lack of a championship trophy) during my time.

I want the sweet taste of our very first football championship in Eugene to come after having been a 40+ year long-suffering duck fan.

What is so great about repeating the same success others had before I was born? I'm sure every champioship is sweet. But nothing is sweeter than the very first one (not that you Trojans would understand that since I'm guessing none of you were alive in 1928)....especially after waiting for sooooo very long.

So what is better than having Oregon blaze the championship trail during my stewardship as quack fan?

Just seems so much more fun and amazing and satisfying!!!

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