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and a whole lot of folks feel the same...from MJDavidson....

No argument that this last recruiting class is the worst on paper. Just as you, I also go back some 53 years and I was around with Garry P when this site started. Not making any excuses, BUT, there are several potential difference makers in this current class despite the small size and lack of 5 stars. Bryant has the makings of a major contributor. Monheim could be very good and I would not minimize Yary's potential. I think he has excellent size and speed and I wonder if he can be a lot like Parkinson at Stanford. I am aware that the TE has been MIA, but remember, Baxter is now gone and Harrell has his guy in place now. Of course Jack could outgrow the position and it is not inconceivable that he could play DE or OT which is in his blood lines (as you know his dad Ron was SC's only outland trophy winner) . Also Kobe Pepe was the DPOY in arguably one of the toughest high school leagues in high school football so I have to ? his 3 star rating. I also have closely reviewed the highlights of the Texas linemen and one or both of them has the potential to make a big impact as a tackle.
The lack of balance in this class is inexcusable, but at the moment if Solomon regains his health, linebacker is loaded.
SC could use a running back but if push comes to shove, there are several athletes available on this team that could switch to tailback and excel. From my area here in TN, I am telling you that Otey can play the tailback position and Greg Johnson could be very effective as well.
Last year's class 2019, was also poorly rated yet now we see that after one year, it is considered the 4th best from one perspective. The point is not to defend Helton and overall incompetence, but rather to state that if SC turns the recruiting around this year, it might help prevent a major overall drop in roster talent in 2021. Also the Portal has changed the dynamics extensively and instant upgrades and patches are now possible, if not probable.

I think it is now obvious that alone or in conjunction with the boss lady, Carol Folt, Bohn is making a move. I know that many if not nearly all are in favor of Helton being replaced and I am at the top of the list. I think he is the worst I have ever seen and that includes Hackett. However, it is also apparent that Folt has squashed all efforts to show Helton the door and thank you Lynn Swann for your excellent decision to sign him through 2023------just a little sarcasm there. Anyway the assistant coaching staff has been upgraded with another major hire to come. Orlando provides toughness, Williams is a recruiter and good db coach, and we will see who coaches the Dline. . People can think what they would like, but I am convinced that these new hires are on Bohn. Does ANYONE really believe that Clay Helton really wanted to fire Baxter or his guy, Pendergast? Even more intriguing is the idea that Helton would bring in Orlando on his own. Did Clay even know where to find him? I mean he was not on staff at Western KY and he is not from the Kim Helton putrid line either! Clay Helton of the ,let's not hit too hard in practice school of coaching has voluntarily hired a guy who is intense and insists on tackling to the limit? I don't buy that one bit.

No, it looks like Bohn and probably with Sosna has decided to upgrade the assistant staff since Folt has allegedly ordered him to keep Helton. I know he publicly stated that Helton is his guy, but I don't buy that. I think he is publicly saying what he needs to say to keep his job, but the actual hires say something different. We will know once we find out what happens at practice, but this looks like a situation where the role Helton will actually play is being minimized and the quality of the team and their toughness will actually be upgraded. This way Folt gets to keep "her guy", but SC will still have a chance to improve. I would have loved to see a new HC, but since that does not appear to be in the cards right now and since Helton may get to stay throughout the length of his contract if she has the final say, this might be the best we can hope for. And if not, then just maybe Bohn has brought in guys he thinks will mesh with whomever he might choose. (I mean it is kind of curious that the head coach of Cincinnati , Luke Fickel, did not accept Michigan State's offer and his most recent boss was Bohn).

I don't know how next season will go, but I do think there is still enough talent around so that IF, and that is a big IF, a solution can be found for Left Tackle, and if the actual role Helton plays is minimized as I honestly believe it will be, USC could be pretty good. The toughness that Orlando will demand and hopefully instill, and the experience that is returning, along with a great receiving corp and very good passing quarterback, is reasonable. Maybe with increased responsibility and with less interference from Helton, Harrell will actually have SC run the ball a little more as he did at North Texas. It is going to be interesting, even though Helton is still around, unless of course, after the Alabama game he is fired, though I can't see Folt giving the OK for that. I hope the upgraded coaching and the anticipated increase in practice intensity will help prevent the blowout losses. And if Slovis can stay upright, SC should be able to score against most defenses. MJD"


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