That's the nicest thing you've ever said

By: LA Duck

That you are afraid of Mario and what he is building in Eugene.

If that's the attitude of Trojan fans, it looks like his job is done here. He can rest easy now. (Not that Mario every rests, but you get the picture, I'm sure...)


Reality is good programs lose assistants all the time. Especially winning programs. When's the last time someone poached a USC assistant (or at least one that wasn't fired)? I honestly don't know....maybe it was last year? Literally don't know.

But that's the mark of a really good program.

And what you need to counter that is a head coach who can find the best assistants and hire them to replace those they've lost.

Mario is such a coach. As long as Mario is at Oregon, there won't be too much to worry about if/when assistants leave.

Yes, you may have kicked Mario in the nuts, but that's temporary and will only serve to make him that the takedown next year at Autzen will likely be worse than the last one was at your house.  

Don't make the man mad, my don't you know anything about guys like Mario who train in MMA?

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