Biggins talking about Beavers last night...

By: LA Duck

Re Beavers per Biggins:

I talked to him a week ago but not since Donte left. I did get the sense that he has people in his ear telling him to stay home and play for USC because of the life after football, I know that's big for certain people in his family. For me, great kid, good student, but as a player, he's stock down a bit. I'm not sure where he plays in college and he's actually taking a dip in the rankings when 2021 comes out and no, it's not because he's committed to Oregon, I'm sure there will be a ton of follow ups about that.

Beavers is kind of a tweener, plays safety but not super twitchy so I think he'll have to move in to the box and play LB. He's about 6-0, 200 pounds so not a huge frame and he hasn't shown the physicality yet to be a guy who can make a ton of plays in the box.

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