It's a matter of fitting into what you want

By: Old Hickory Trojan

to do...Oregon obviously doesn't put the same emphasis in the kind of defesne Orlando puts emphasis I can see what doesn't work for Oregon could work for USC and vice versa....heck one of the reasons Foreman didn't like USC and chose Clemson was relate to what Orlando does with his DL...Orlando uses his DL to clear out blockers that free his lBers and corners and rovers to make tackles...Forman wnats to be the guy running up the stats in those areas..and may not have been at USC...

Sootos' defenses at Virginia was fairly similar in the 3-4. The front 3 took care and occupied blockers mainly while applying pressure and the Lbers cleaned up with the numbers on the most part...46 sacks is a nice number..

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