The issue imo is that seemingly

By: Torpedoman

Helton is now a hands tied figurehead. The AD has obviously taken over staffing and player recruiting based on the facts that the final coaching hires have all come from resources that are or have been oblivious to Gomer. Now recruiting players.. about a half dozen 4-5 stars (only) have already been offered yesterday and today. Kids that are all foreign/beyond Helton's hopes or dreams, or probably even his knowledge. As I said figurehead Helton. Sitting on the side and (hopefully)probably in full acceptance that he's already been informed that he's lame duck.. the result because of The Bohn having finally had it sink in that he blew it by screwing the pooch by rushing to keep Helton while totally unaware of the magnitude of his mistake earlier this season. So I figure the change of culture is upon us now. New staff in, the old staff out, new recruiting and basically the only thing left to do is to cut Helton out of the mix totally.

The Urban thing, is simply my brilliant crreativity. I actually saw it from a tongue in cheek commenter from a, The Athletic, column.

I've got to say this.. at least Trojan football news lately has certainly taken on a positive perspective imo! I like it!! Fight On

Finally, @ Fraud  I've already instructed you not to bother reading /or addressing my postings to me. You're simply just too fawk'n ignorant and lacking to compete in the arena of ideas. About the only issue I have any interest in, regarding you, is that I only wish that OHT could one day meet up face/face with your pansy ass..  So what's your favorite endeavor again "sukit"?  Just go do that.. 

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