Chris Folwer on Colorado, Tucker

By: Old Hickory Trojan

and the PAC vs SEC and Big 10 for coaches...

"First I'll speak as a 32-year commentator in college football, who fully understands that this is business ... If Mel Tucker can just about double his salary and leave for Michigan State, many people would say it's a no-brainer. Go ahead and do it ... Mel I think will stabilize what has been a tumultuous situation in East Lansing and all my friends who are Sparty fans who are rejoicing probably should be. You got a pretty good coach.

Now, as a CU alum ... it stinks, a lot. It sucks. Imagine how it feels for players. Coaches don't leave high-profile jobs after signing day. They don't flirt with the job, say on Twitter 'I'm committed ...unfinished business' and then leave a couple of days later very often ... CU did believe in Mel Tucker. (A man) in his late 40's, had not been a head coach full-time -- CU gave him that opportunity and supported him well ... now it's over, so that does stink. Imagine being one of the players. They understand it's a big business too, but when you leave a program that has had sustained success, the beat goes on. You find a new head coach and keep going. When you leave a program that struggled for consistent success, you have to sell a vision. You have to sell a belief ... and then the vision is gone, with the coach. That part sucks and stings for players who are now bound to letters of intent at CU, and that's where the system is tilted against them. That does suck.The bigger picture for the Pac-12 is the disparity in dollars between the Pac-12, the SEC and Big Ten with their TV network dollars that come in from ESPN and Fox -- it's huge and it's beginning to show up in situations like this. Pac-12 schools, for the most part, just cannot compete financially with Big Ten and SEC schools to keep coaches. It's a problem and I'm not going to say that the forecast is grim, but this is just another example. Colorado wasn't able to pony up and keep Mel Tucker after one year ... (as an alum), it stings a slap and is a slap in the face to the alma mater when something like this happens. That's not how Mel intended it, but that's how it's taken."

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