Got to hand it to Clay

By: Java

Wasn’t sure about Orlando but certainly saw the personality and how it could translate to good pr and recruiting. But williams? That was big. Black and hurts a rival. Successful recruiter and already working LA. Huge shot across the bow. Snyder? Area of need from a program long known for good special teams and a guy with high level program and ad experience. An adult. Sooto? Good young intense dl coach who coaches a 3-4 Appears to be a good recruiter. Knows LA. Already works the West. From out here. Poly. Man. Those are 3 impressive hires by Helton. And I come here and the useful idiots are clucking about how bohn hired them. Orlando is the genius. Maybe folt. Who knows. It’s Heltons program and the guy supposedly doesn’t know anyone. No one wants to work for USc. And pow. Those are 3 great hires. Personally I’d still add cc as a ga and let him coach Lb with tony Orlando We could call cc “dawn”
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