The hires this year are surprisingly good...

By: Contrarian

...Last year, Clay brought in guys whose last coaching stops were Oregon State, Kansas, Bowling Green, North Texas State, and Boise State.   All bottom feeder programs with the exception of Boise State (who pays their coaches squat).

This year, the coaches brought in are from Texas, Oregon, Virginia, and Kansas State.  Big difference.  There is no way to look at this other than a step in the right direction.   I think the biggest reason for the uptick in coach quality has to be that Bohn was allowed to open up USC's coffers and pay top dollar for these guys.  

Like most here, I am firmly of the opinion that a head coach sets the tone for the program, and although next year's team might well go 9-3 or 10-2 (mainly because Slovis is a great QB and the Pac 12 is ridiculously weak), it will never win a national championship without a championship caliber head coach. Teams almost never do so.

For the above reason, hiring high quality assistant coaches instead of getting to the root of the problem and firing just prolonging the time that USC remains a step or two below being an elite program. 

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