How I see the future of the p12...

By: LA Duck

Sort of close to what you are proposing...

Four super conferences of 16 teams each.

Big 12 is feasted upon with 2 teams going to the SEC, 2 to the B1G, 2 to the ACC, 4 to the p12.

So you have something like this:

NORTH CONFERENCE (old B1G plus Kansas, Kansas St)

SOUTH CONFERENCE (old SEC plus Oklahoma State, Oklahoma)

EAST CONFERENCE (old ACC plus West Virigina, Iowa State)

WEST CONFERENCE (old Pac 12 plus Texas, Baylor, TCU, Texas Tech)

I don't think you could ever get teams like WSU or OSU to drop out...more likely we just expand to super-conferences, 8 teams per division in each conference.  Winners of each division play each other for conference championship berths.

And the 4 championship winners make the playoffs from the super conferences, whether it be a 4/6/8 team playoff.

You would still have yearly OOC games between rivals like Oklahoma and Texas, just like you do with ND and USC.

All teams would play the same number of conference games and OOC games.

I agree, though, something has to change...

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