Hello, is anyone home?

By: BuddyJ

do you not comprehend that falling attendance is not an isolated fact.  There is also a drop in television revenue because viewers are not tuning in at home.

The reason is obvious to anyone with a brain which you lack.

Hispanics and asians as a whole, do not play or watch college football.

California's general and college Asian and Hispanic population has exploded.

The talent level has fallen (check out the NFL draft for Califronia players) and what good talent is left is leaving the Pac 12 in higher numbers.

Fans and recruits sit at home and watch UCLA, Stanford, Colorado and Cal play to half empty stadiums before unenthusiastic fans.  Fans and recruits tune in and watch Big 10, Big 12, SEC and ACC schools play to wildly enthusiastic (non Asian and non Hispanic) fans. Local sports pages promote the transgender olypmics more than they promote USC or UCLA.


WSU and OSU are not the problem.  The problem is the collapse of fan enthusiasm at UCLA, CAL, Stanford and to a lesser extent USC.


Where would you want to play?


Factoring into this is USC poor coaching hires the last 3 times.  USC was THE glamor school in the Pac 12.

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