Looks like Bohn has a decent Rolodex


Thank God he forced Gomer to fire Clancy and Baxter or we'd be stuck with all three of those dipshits for another year.  Now we're just stuck with one.  Still not convinced we're gonna be that much better because the root cause is still the HC.  But it will be funny to see which of the new assistants jockeys to take Hug's job behind the scenes.   Because you know it will be one of them after Tier 2 U does an "exhaustive" search for Clay's replacement.  

Do you think they will turn Clay's headset on during the game or will he just posture all game trying to look important?  Maybe he can come up with some new hand signals or yell at  the officials more?  At least he's getting paid more for fetching coffee and donuts for his new boss.

Fail On!


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