Well no Chris Claiborne for USC

By: Old Hickory Trojan

apparently....thank you NCAA....from Eric McKinney on WeareSC:

"This is the issue that I think might be cropping up with Claiborne (from an AJC story in 2017, when a new rule was enacted to stop colleges from hiring people simply to get a recruiting advantage).

"Going forward, an FBS school can hire a high school coach as one its 10 on-field coaches, but cannot add one to its support staff - which is a critical professional stepping stone – unless the college has not recruited one of the high school coach’s players in the past two years. And if the college does hire the high school coach, the college then cannot recruit a player from the coach’s former high school for two years, making it essentially a four-year window, two years in each direction."

So, ultimately, the exact reason a lot of people want Claiborne hired is the exact reason there's a rule prohibiting it. If USC has recruited any Calabasas players within the past two years (they have) they can't hire anybody from that school in anything other than an on-field coaching role (one of the 10 assistants). Now, it's probably safe to assume that nothing regarding the NCAA is completely straightforward, but reading the rule, it sure sounds like Claiborne wouldn't able to be brought in as a GA/analyst/support staff member until he's two years removed from having any affiliations with players recruited by USC."

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